The Empire

The Empire was formed in 3208 ADE by Attaris Lansing and a specialized group he had gathered to assist him in this endeavor. Three of them died during the establishment of the empire, but the rest remain in powerful positions in the new empire.

Daxar Lement – A strong tactician and powerful general recruited to Attaris’ cause with the promise of wealth.

Origan Moore – A leader of men and a great leader in the fields of both civics and battle, he joined Attaris’ cause in the hope of establishing rules of justice and freedoms in the world.

Giddeon Addler – An assassin and master spymaster.

Sarah Obdiel – A mage and master spymaster.

Kara Lang – A duelist and poet

Barrow Molls – A hulking warrior


The empires military consists mainly of four parts.

The foreign legions which are sent to conquer more lands and keep them ordered until the home guard can arrive.

The home guard which act as the police force and keeps order in the cities and countryside within the Empire’s borders.

The ancillaries which is the administrative and diplomatic branch of the military.

The Droga

The Empire

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