“Were there ever truly good times? Times filled with something other than death, war, plotting, and chains? Perhaps. Once, when I was but a boy, there was no empire, and the mud in the streets was not churned by the pounding hooves of the Droga. The Free Cities were still young then, and wise enough to keep mostly to themselves. Were they good times? It is hard for me to tell. my family was still poor, we had fewer freedoms, our voices were never raised high enough to merit silencing. But there is one thing that is truly different between my memories and today. Fear.”

~Pasal the gnarled to his grandson in his 87th year.

The World is a grand place, and much of it is still unknown. The Three large continents of Sayleth, Kelleri, and Edarpe make up the majority of the civilized world. Far to the east of Sayleth there is an archipelego know as the Xia Isles

The Empire on the continent of Edarpe is one of the major powers in this world. The marching progress that the Imperial Troops are making on the continent of Sayleth has helped them become one of the largest empires in commonly recorded history.

The Free Cities in the south west of Sayleth have begun mobilizing for war as the empire approaches their borders. While an older nation than they empire they have never had a strong military and have instead relied upon their Illarati fleets to create a kingdom that is a massive trade and economic power.

The city-state of Chu pak on the northeast border of Kelleri is the center of a small but powerful kingdom that has spread into the southeastern jungles and spans almost the entire Pacha range.

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